when life hands you... turds

February 9, 2019


No - not lemons. We all know that we make lemonade with lemons ...or a nice alcoholic lemon drop martini - whatever floats your boat....but what do you do when life hands you turds?


Are you going to make turd burgers for your whole family? NOT ME - that's for damn sure. You know why? - because no one likes a turd burger.


What are some things I can do with all of these turds that life has handed me? ...I can attempt to put them to good use. Maybe I'll plant a garden and use them to fertilize my plants. That would be productive. Otherwise,what use do I have for turds? - none really. So...I think I'll just choose to bag them up and throw them out. I am not going to put them in my back pocket (that would be messy and disgusting) - I am not going to carry them around with me. ...I am going to let them go. 


When life hands me undesirable things - I don't go spreading them around like wildfire. I do not force other people to eat the turds. So many people throw turds around like confetti....almost forcing them to get stuck in other people's hair and/or mouths. 


Don't be a turd spreader. 


Happy Saturday!

XO Maleri Jo

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