what happens when you get over your damn self

May 16, 2019


For years I coasted. LOL.....it sounds like I'm speaking about a "lifetime" of coasting - but even a few years of accepting mediocre happiness seems like a lifetime.


...what changed it all? - I got over my damn self. 


If there is one thing I would like to make clear - it is that YOU and only you are in control of your mind. Your thoughts are your own ...unless you're being brainwashed which I'm assuming is highly unlikely.


Oh, you're letting your past define you? - stop. Oh, you're not happy right now? - why?


Happiness begins with the active choice to think "I'm happy" ...pretty simple right? All thoughts you begin your day with - and all words you begin conversations with - project onto what is to follow. When you wake up in the morning - if you tell yourself you're going to have a great day....you're more likely to continue throughout your day with positive thoughts - therefore leading to a more productive day. Aid to your quality of life with your thoughts. When you start off conversations on positive notes - the rest of the conversation will naturally follow an optimistic path. Aid to your quality of life with your words. .


Don't let yourself become heavy. The moment you choose to let go of things you cannot control - you take a leap forward. Why?....because you are choosing to become lighter. Do not become heavy. Do not let petty things weigh you down. When you are heavy - you cannot grow. We are meant to grow. We are meant to flourish - and SO many of you are just coasting. You are letting irrelevant things weigh you down...yes - I'd say most of those things that you're stuck on are irrelevant when you compare them to the bigger picture. Surround yourself with others who desire to grow and experience life in love and abundance. This is your world - you are living in it...and the extent to which you experience it is up to YOU. I'd say that's pretty exciting. 


It's hard to let things go - but you need to ....because right now - in this moment - you can be exactly who you desire to be. You are ultimately the key to your own success in EVERY aspect of your life. You are not defined by your past. Okay, okay...you're stuck on the fact that there are things in your past you would change - or things in your past you aren't happy about ....want to know why it is still lingering around - DING DING DING - because you're CHOOSING to let it. Take a deep breath in and                let it go!


love more

worry less

....and when you do, things will start to fall into place -beautiful, amazing things.


XO Maleri Jo

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what happens when you get over your damn self

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