Princess Room Re-Do

April 1, 2019


A room fit for 2 princesses.

When Merry was about Emmie's age, we decided it was time for her to have a big girl bed! We bought her this beautiful white bed with night stand and dresser! She absolutely loved it! 

With Emmie turning 3 and potty trained now, it was more than time to get this girl a big girl bed! 
She's been sharing a room with Merry since she was 1 years old and these two have always been the best of friends! They've been wanting to share a bed for the last year now, but they are getting bigger and it was getting harder for them both to sleep comfortably in a twin size bed! We decided it was time to get Miss Emmie her own big girl bed! 

The girls were so excited!

We told them that this was what we were getting them for Christmas and they were all for it.

Over Black Friday I spent my time searching Pinterest and Pottery Barn gathering ideas of what I wanted their room to look like! 
I wanted it to be youthful but still something they could grow into! 

Everything I bought for their room was on sale with either Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.






I searched high and low and had a collection of 1000 different images I found on Pinterest and trying to narrow it down was the hardest! Thankfully because of all the sales going on, and things having great reviews, that helped make the decisions a little easier!

Below is a list of everything with direct links to where I bought everything! :)



Bed Skirts paid around $110 each on sale.


Princess Canopies Above Beds - These were on sale as well but present from Grandma & Grandpa!


Cute little bunnies on the girls beds we actually got a couple years ago!


Curtain panels are from Wayfair, also got them on sale!


The bedding was my favorite! It was hard to decide which route to go with their bedding because I was centering the whole room around it! Once I decided on the bedding the rest just fell into place! Pottery barn had some great options but I just wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on bedding, not knowing when the girls will grow out of this! This came as a 4 piece set! The comforter, a sham, and 2 accent pillows!



Clothes Basket






Their Beds, night stands and the dresser are all from slumberland! We got them for 20% off over black friday weekend!


Star Garland:



Princess Reading Nook Canopy in White:


I used twinkle lights that I draped around the canopy for and added magical effect :)
We got these from Hobby Lobby and another set I had purchased from Shopko about a year ago! 


I'll be honest, the rugs were hard to choose! I wasn't sure what size would be good and I went back and forth on about 5 different rugs! There were some really beautiful choices! But I decided I didn't want the room to be too pink filled or too patterned so I ended up choosing this one! We LOVE it! Their room used to get pretty chilly in the winter, ever since we re-did their room, it has stayed nice and warm up there! The rug is super fluffy and thick! HIGHLY recommend both rugs we bought! 

Pink & White 6x9 Rug (also got it on sale):



White Rug 2x7 in the reading nook:



All of the pink pillows in the reading nook are from Hobby Lobby! We went there to get new Christmas Ornaments for our tree and I ended up getting completely sidetracked by their pillow selection and ended up not getting any ornaments and getting $200 worth of pillows instead! haha All of which were 50% off! 

I will list the ones I can find online! Most of the time though I prefer shopping at hobby lobby in person because sizing on things can be hard to determine! All other shopping I prefer online! But Hobby Lobby is always so organized! It's also easy to overspend there! haha
ALWAYS wait until their stuff is 50% off though! I never buy at regular price because they switch up their sales and you can easily find everything on sale and go back at a later time! 




My original plan was to put the "Hello Gorgeous" & "My Girl" Pillows on each of the girls beds, but they were with me while shopping and they ended up wanting the white and polka dot heart pillows on their beds instead! So the others went into the reading nook!

This pillow is pretty heavy and nice quality! Thick and fluffy!


We pretty much just bought every pink pillow we saw :P 

We bought two of these:


Since I sell lashes, I kind of fell in love with the cute little moon and cloud! One for each of the girls nightstands!


We also bought a Disney Princess Canvas the girls picked out! I was planning on getting more wall art but it was the only thing on sale and I vouched to go back when the rest were on sale, but after putting the room together, we were happy with what we had put together. 

Lamps were also 50% off while we were there so I got them each a little pink lamp for their nightstands! They love to read books before bed! 

There are some other cute little knick knacks we got from hobby lobby on their dresser, etc. but all of which we picked out in person or had previous to our room re-do!

I think that's pretty much it! 

Here are the photos of what I had in mind when I was putting everything together! I LOVE to shop online because I am a perfectionist and have to be able to visualize how everything will come together! Shopping at the store, would take me HOURS! I also like to have options and weigh them as much as possible! I am a horrible person to shop with! haha

I LOVED the idea of a canopy bed, but I remember when I was little and I ended up hating my canopy and I would always put it behind my bed, so I thought that the half canopies were a great idea especially for this age! 
There are still some things I would love to add to their room but they are over the moon about it and we love how everything came together! 




They are seriously sooo happy with it! We made them wait in their playroom all morning until we were done with it! They love hanging out in their room now! And Emmie loves her new big girl bed! 


XO Brittnie


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