December 5, 2018



Some days are fast.
They go buy so fast you wonder how there were 24 hours in your day. How you could possibly have gotten anything done that day. How you feel like you accomplished so little but were busy

And then some days are slow.
Some days, you wake up early.
You get your workout in, you make a home cooked breakfast. You shower, get all dolled up, read a book and schedule out your week.
Some days, like today. You slow down.
And for just a few minutes, you feel bliss.
Pure bliss.
You feel total love and peace and comfort as you stare into her eyes.
You realize that all you have done and all you are doing is enough. 

You breath in and breath out. You put your hand on her cheek and tell her you love her. She looks at you with a glisten in your eye and says "I love you" and time stands still. 

You try not to blink because before you even know it, she's 3 years old. 
She's grown. She's saying full sentences. She's making the silliest faces.
You watch her personality bloom everyday yet you wonder how she grew this fast, it feels like just little glimpses. 

But for just a little while, time slows down.
Work takes a back burner and you're just there. Present with your child. Nuturing her needs. Filling her with love. Telling her she is beautiful and how much she's grown. Playing "I spy" and listening to her giggle as she doesn't quite understand the concept but continues to try.

Oh our sweet Emmie Kay,
I hope as I grow older, and you do too, that I never forget your bouncy-golden-blonde curls. That your little smile and always black & blue nose, is something that I never forget. That your memories have all the power over me and that your light is always bright. I pray that these little glimpses of my baby girl never leave my memory. I pray that this moment lasts in my mind forever. The moment I looked at your eyes and felt the deja vu of the first time I held you. I pray these memories are mine forever.

For you and your sister, I have prayed little girl.
I pray over you daily and I love you with all my heart.


You will grow up to do big things. You will know no limits. Your stubborn nature and strong will will always be something we butt heads over. But it will never make me love you any less. It's okay for you to grow up now, but I wouldn't mind keeping you little just a little while longer. 

God knew what he was doing when he added you to our family. I am so thankful for this little family of mine. 
I am thankful for these days when time stands still. When God tells me to take it easy and just love.

And love on you girls, I do. 
I know sometimes that these little moments are moments I had with my mom too. When she looked at me with love and comfort and deja vu. And these are the days I feel complete. 
When nothing else matters but the love I feel and the grateful heart I have for all that we have been given.

And I thank God for you girls. For these moments.
For your love.



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