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If you are a network marketing content creator then this is the program for YOU!

We are Wonderlush Presets - a global and online high quality mobile preset creative company. 

We believe that everyone deserves to showcase beautiful photos by utilizing simple tools that are not time consuming and do not alter the quality of your images! That's why we created Wonderlush Presets to be able to allow everyone to have a stand-alone instagram feed!

Everyone takes photos in a unique way - and here at Wonderlush, we understand that. That is why we work closely with numerous affiliates to craft our Lightroom CC Mobile Presets

- all of which are different and amazing in their own way ...just like you.

Wonderlush is giving a whole new meaning to the term “perfect insta feed” ...because the perfect feed is not about the perfect shot, it’s about the real person and love behind each photo.

Here at Wonderlush we are helping everyone bring their own perfect photos to preset at a time.

We have helped hundreds of women and men all over the world improve their photos and the way they represent themselves through their photos! 

Above all, we believe in bringing value to every single one of our customers and partners by providing exceptional products, resources, and support. We are growing fast, and invite you to help us spread the word about Wonderlush Presets and what we stand for. 

We will help you grow with us. By joining the program, you are truly our partner. We only make money, if you make money! This is why we will reward you with commission on every purchase that's made as a result of someone clicking on your unique referral link. And when you create beautiful images with Wonderlush Presets, we will also be happy to feature your photos on our social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, to our followers. Sounds good? We think so too. 


  • It’s free to participate and you will make 15% on every product sold. 

  • Access to a personal partner dashboard, where you can track your commission and receive convenient bi-weekly payouts.

  • An opportunity to be featured on Wonderlush Presets social media platforms.

  • Receive a comprehensive guide on how to optimize commission and succeed on social media.


  • 3500+ followers on Instagram

  • Content is beauty, fashion or hair focused 

  • Have experience using & installing Lightroom Mobile Presets (specifically Wonderlush Presets)

  • Must be following @wonderlushpresets

  • Has tried Wonderlush Presets in the past and uses our products religiously

  • Loves to take & showcase new images regularly - both selfies & life style portraits


  • Affiliates are required to post on their social media platforms on a monthly basis TWO pieces of unique, original content

  • Two pieces of content can include the following items: IG feed posts, IGTV, Youtube Video (review, get ready with me glam/date night, hair tutorials), blog post (review, hair tutorial) 

  • Additional content may include IG stories (4+ frames) 

  • Instagram content must tag @wonderlushpresets on the photo and in the caption, plus the hashtag #wonderlushrep and #lushlist, as well as include the preset used

  • Youtube and blog content must link back to the Wonderlush Presets website 

  • All content must be sent directly to the influencer manager at the end of the month for accounting purposes and re-sharing opportunities 

  • To see full details, kindly refer to Section 8: Affiliate Obligations in our partnership agreement.

  • Please click here to view our full breakdown of content guidelines for each social channel.


  • Upon approval, affiliate must personally request their set of Presets by emailing the affiliate manager. 

  • To request Presets, all affiliates must provide their preferred presets as well as their email address to the affiliate manager on a quarterly basis. 

By clicking sign up, you agree that you meet the social media and content creation requirements.

We look forward to working with you to spread the word about Wonderlush Presets and all the positive messages we stand for.  

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo


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