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Day 27: Who Can Sign Up

Do you have someone who is interested in signing up? AWESOME! Here's a helpful outline of things you could and should review with them before you sign them up!

( Be sure to schedule a call with them beforehand and tell them to plan on this call being 30-45 minutes! )

If you know the girl, take a moment to have small talk with her, BUT If you do not know her, take a moment to build a relationship with her! Let her know that you are super interested in getting to know her! Below are several ways to "break the ice" with her so that you can have a smooth transition into talking about signing up as a distributor a

nd your new team member!

You could ask her questions like..."Has she ever heard of Red Aspen?"
If you don't know her, ask her something like..."How did you hear about me?"

Next, be sure to tell her how excited you are to share with her about this amazing company!

Here is where you could bring up the company and share with her all kinds of awesome and helpful information. To keep it simple, start out with the main question: It's not just Lashes! We are branching into a full beauty line over the course of the next year. The make-up line is PETA certified, cruelty free, and some are even smudge-resistant! The company began in 2017 by Jesse McKinney.  Here's her story. 

Jesse and the rest of the Treehouse staff have made it their goal to be a self-funded Indie Beauty company. We still have less than 3,000 brand ambassadors, which means this is truly a ground floor opportunity.

And what's so awesome about where our company is headed? We are seeing SO much growth right now, which means business is booming...which means? NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO JOIN!!

S A L E S:

Direct sales through you Use social media to post info about products

They order directly through your site, the treehouse ships them their product! That's it!  

P O P U P S: A group of 3 or more is considered a party! A place to generate high volume sales

E V E N T S: Expos, Vendor Shows, Festivals, and Weekend Markets This generates high sale volumes and potential recruits

Share this information with whoever you are potentially about to sign up in order to help them see that there is money to be made in this business! Once you become a distributor, you then gain access to the compensation plan.   

From here, explain that they can make money by just selling the product or they can choose to start to build a team and earn an extra bonuses and compensation that way as well. Talk about EASY.

Share with your potential team member to focus on your 1st line (you get paid 10% of their total PV). Train them to be good leaders and build, and then turn around to do the same. Before you know it, your downline will have grown by leaps and bounds!

Let her know that you get paid on 3 levels. And be sure to tell her that there are many added bonuses once you get to the director levels. There's even company profit shares. We don't typically go this deep detail wise until they actually join. What we do is tag them in a video explaining all of the Red Aspen details. Explain that you can make WAY more $$ in this company by building a team than by just sales alone!

T R A I N I N G S:

Team support



Leadership retreats, bonuses and monthly/yearly recognition's

Ways to earn free product

Leadership consistency bonuses & profit shares

D E T A I L S of J O I N I N G:

The cost is only $110 to join (one-time fee)

You automatically earn 25-35%

No monthly minimums (unless building a team)

You set your own hours and work the business how you like

Training center for assistance and helping them excel in every aspect of their business!

C L O S E:

Refer them to https://treehouse.redaspenlove.com to learn more information about signing up and give them a reason you think they would be amazing at this. Make sure to be genuine with them!

Tell them how excited you would be to have them on your team!

Tell them they can take as long as they need to decide, but to contact you when ready to sign up so you can walk them through the process and last but not least, always thank them for their time. Be sure to follow up in a couple days to see if they have questions and always make sure to help them sign up, whether over the phone or over text.

F U N   F A C T:

Beyond individuals, did you know that you can sign up local businesses? YES! This is a great opportunity to grow your downline! Check out our list of ideas on who you can sign up and just make sure that they fall within the rules found within our Policy and Procedures.

Some ideas of these establishments are:



Dentist Office

Tattoo Parlor

Wedding Dress Boutique

Flower Shop

Gift Shop


We recommend using this Seed Kit Letter to take with you and leave at businesses and potential partnerships! Leaving a lash and a trial glue would also be great idea!

-Make a list of potential people or businesses in your local community who would benefit from selling Red Aspen

-Call and see if they would be willing to have a mini demo with you where you can talk about the opportunity with them

-Work on your seed kit letter and schedule some meetings with local businesses to present them with the opportunity

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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