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Day 22: Websites & Blogs

When you become a Red Aspen Independent Brand Ambassador, you automatically get a website assigned to you! Your website is included for your first 90 days.  After that 90 days is up, you will need to choose whether you prefer the basic hub or the more premium hub.  The basic hub is only $8.99 a month. The more advanced EVO hub has more reports and is crucial if you plan on building a team. The EVO website is $14.99 a month.  Any website, Facebook group, etc. that encourages a click-to-purchase option must be linked directly to your Red Aspen website. You may receive an email to select your website hub prior to your 90 days being up, no worries, you will not be charged for the website until your 90 days is up.

With your Brand Ambassador website, this allows you to:

  • Not have to carry any stock

  • No credit cards or processing fees

  • Company takes care of receiving orders, packaging, and shipping them out

  • Track and run reports on your business, customers, and downlines

  • Create pop up links for beauty influencers

  • Shop for inventory and stock to have on hand for in person sales and vendor events/in-home parties With the advanced hub you can also:

  • Send messages to your downlines/customers

  • Have web meetings

  • Track how close your downlines are to a promotion

So what about a blog or a website?

You can have a website or a blog, just make sure that you do not have a shopping cart on your website. Your customers must shop directly on your Red Aspen brand ambassador site that you were given when you joined. All orders must funnel through there.    

If you do not plan on creating a separate website/blog and plan on using your RA website, no worries! We do recommend buying a URL from GoDaddy (you can typically purchase them for $11 a year).

For instance, my website URL is www.hustleandheartempire.com, without having this website, I could have connected that URL to my RA website so I am sharing www.hustleandheartempire.com rather than sharing redaspenlove.com/brittniejstorm.

And we suggest you find a URL that speaks to you and connect that to your website! 

For website creators, I recommend checking out to XOXO websites.

Visit www.xoxowebsites.com! They have been creating beautiful websites for brand ambassadors (and in fact, made this site too!)

-Determine which website you will choose after your 90 days is up

-Set up a URL to connect to your BA website

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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