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Day 3: Understanding Pop Ups

What's a Pop Up?

  • A "Pop Up" is the Red Aspen term for a party!

  • A "Beauty Influencer" is known as a Red Aspen Pop Up "Hostess"

Red Aspen allows us as brand ambassadors to set up a pop up link as if we ourselves are the beauty influencer. This allows us to not only earn commission off of our sales, but also earn product credit as well! It's basically the best of both worlds!

Activity 1: Watch POP UPS

Understanding Personal Pop Ups

That's right, you as a Brand Ambassador should make sure that you have a pop up running for yourself at all times! This will allow you to collect hostess rewards on top of your commissions! Then you can cash those rewards out at any time to use them towards your stock, customer rewards, and giveaways!  A lot of brand ambassadors like to get creative and have a mystery hostess party with their group and have a drawing for all of the people who ordered that month and have one person win all the rewards that way!  


There's no right or wrong way! But make sure that you yourself have a pop up going at all times!

If you have another person (non-brand ambassador) ready to host their own pop up for you, you will need to create them a Beauty Influencer pop up link! They will be eligible for hostess rewards after their party starts to generate $100 in sales.

Below are there rewards levels that your beauty influencers can achieve! 

To check out a Personal Pop Up and see how to run one, please request to join this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2212850752270346/

Understanding Vizzlie & How To Use it for Personal Pop Ups

Personal Pop Ups are great! There are also different tools and templates available for throwing an online event such as this one. We have created templates for our teams to use for this exact reason! Please reach out to your upline or watch the "Vizzlie" training in our team group! Vizzlie is a 3rd party posting software that you can link up to your group to run your parties off of a template we have created for you. This will allow your posts to run on a schedule. You will not have to upload every post individually, instead Vizzlie will allow the posts to run on the schedule you desire and it will post all of the posts for you! Then all you have to do is worry about interacting with your party guest and helping them find the right lash for them!

Understanding Group Pop Ups

The difference between a personal pop up and a group pop up is the atmosphere in which they take place.   A personal pop up is more intimate, they take place in a smaller group and include only you, your beauty influencer, and all of the beauty influencers guests (friends/family and anyone else she invites).  

A group pop up is a much larger scale. Group Pop Ups typically take place with many other brand ambassadors and their guests/customers and typically take place within a team. For instance we have our own Hustle & Heart Team Pop Ups and we try to do these at least once, sometimes twice a month. There are typically hundreds of people invited. All of the brand ambassadors from our H&H team are able to pay into these events. This is an event that you as a brand ambassador would want to invite all of your customers to! You could also have a beauty influencer come to the event and invite all of her guests as well. 

We do typically have a buy in to have a spot in these events. Usually a small fee of anywhere from ($4-$8). We do this so that we can do fun giveaways and give out participation prizes for people that come and interact during the event!

The point of a pop up whether they be a personal pop up or a group pop up, is to educate new potential customers on what products we have available, how to apply the lashes so they feel comfortable enough to try them, and also to give them a little bit of information on the Red Aspen opportunity.  

To see how a group pop up is ran, please request to join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/280878119365973/

In this group, you will see how there are multiple brand ambassadors from our team and their guests in there. Each time there is a group pop up there will be a post in our team page with instructions on how to get involved in one. A few leaders will put all of the content together and then we divvy up the tasks. If you feel comfortable posting or doing a live demo, you will be given a post of what to say at a specific time OR you will be given points to touch on during your live!  Please do not be upset if you were not "picked" to post. We try to be fair and want to make sure that everyone is comfortable posting/going live before they are picked. It may sound strict, but we have a very specific way these events are ran because they do have hundreds of invitees.  We hope to see you at our next group pop up! Be on the lookout in the Hustle & Heart Team Page for information on when that will be!

 Understanding In Person Pop Ups

You can also host an in person pop up with a beauty influencer and her friends! Have a girls night and try on some lashes!  We highly recommend having a pop up pack on lash trial sticks when meeting with people in person! This will allow them to actually envision what the lashes look like on them!


We also have a pop up pack which is PV eligible and includes one of every lash we offer as well as lash trial sticks. These are recommended for vendor events and/or in home parties.

For tech tutorials and becoming an expert on Pop Ups, please visit the treehouse tab "Pop Ups" for more information and to download social images.


-Understand the difference between a group pop up & a personal pop up

-Understand the terms "pop up" & "beauty influencer"

-Set up a pop up link for yourself to have your customers shop through

-Talk to someone about possibly hosting a pop up for you with their friends

-Stay alert for details on our next group pop up and register to join 

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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