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Training Resources

So today we want you to explore all the amazing resources available to you, so whenever you are faced with a problem, you know where you can find an answer! Don't try and read everything, just familiarize yourself with their layout, how to log in, etc.

We'll go in depth on these later.

Save these resources and keep them handy!

1. T H E   R E S O U R C E   L I B R A R Y

Right here! Please explore the content within this resource library! 

(NOTE: Please keep the log in private, as this is exclusive content for OUR team only! Thank you!)

2. R E D  A S P E N  H U B 

Best for : Ordering product, Inventory Packs, tracking customer orders & team/ brand ambassador reports as well! 

(HOW TO GET THERE: www.redaspenlove.com and then click on "Log In"). Use the username and password that you created when you joined as a Brand Ambassador.

3. P R O D U C T    K N O W L E D G E    G U I D E

Best for: Everything you want to know about EVERY product, product ingredients, how it works and how to use it.

(HOW TO GET THERE: Can be found in the Treehouse https://treehouse.redaspenlove.com.)

4. T E A M     F A C E B O O K    G R O U P

Best for: Asking questions, seeking personal advice, encouragement and connecting with other team members

(HOW TO GET INVOLVED: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hustleandheart.redaspenteam/

As well as the Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors Facebook Group.

5. O N B O A R D I N G   T R A I N I N G

Best for: Information on the company and your opportunity as a new distributor.

(HOW TO GET INVOLVED: https://treehouse.redaspenlove.com/onboarding/)


- Complete the Onboarding Training in the Treehouse

- Save the team log-in page to your favorites/bookmarks

- Save the Hub to your favorites/bookmarks


Customer Service

(208) 806-1289

Red Aspen HQ 951 E Front St, Suite 116 Boise, ID 83712 hello@red-aspen.com


Customer Service Emails

All subject lines should include:

Topic, Name, Distributor ID #

Create a ticket with the Support Team by emailing hello@red-aspen.com

or sending a Facebook message to @redaspenlove.


Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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