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Day 12: The Lash Loyalty Box

Learn how to get Recurring Revenue

Activity 1: Watch LASH LOYALTY BOX

Activity 2: Check out our Lash Loyalty Box summary to get familiar with all the benefits Lash Loyalty has to offer. And just because it's called the Lash Loyalty Box (LLB), doesn't mean that you can't include our other products in there! You absolutely can! Encourage your customers to take advantage of this discount and to add the next month's product that gets released to their box to try it at a discount & get Free Shipping on their order that month! 

Activity 3: Set up your own Lash Loyalty Box! Never run out of lashes + you can figure out the process of setting one up and what that looks like so you can explain it to your customers!

Treat your LLB Customers extra special!

Customers that subscribe to the LLB deserve a special level of customer service because you want to keep them happy and on subscription!  Here are a few ways you can pay extra special attention to you LLB customers.  

  1. Write thank you notes often.

  2. Add them to your FB VIP group! Use this group to spotlight your customers and give special thank you shout outs.

  3. Call or text them over every 3 months to see how they are doing! 

  4. Be responsive. If a LLB customer has a question, answer it quickly.

  5. Add their birthday to your calendar and give them a special shoutout! Also add them to your list of follow up people, to make sure they are always well taken care of! 

  6. Greet them with a smile and happy energy always!

Visit the Treehouse for even tech tutorials and troubleshooting help!

Also download social images to start promoting the Lash Loyalty Box today!  https://treehouse.redaspenlove.com/loyaltybox/

- Set up a Lash Loyalty Box for yourself

- Download & share LLB social images 

-Understand how to set up a LLB & how to manage/change/cancel it

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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