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Day 28: The Red Aspen® Choice / Recruiting Tips & Tricks

The idea behind the Red Aspen® Choice is that every customer can buy retail from you at full price, or they can start earning an income while making a difference.

The thing about a social selling company like ours, is that there is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain! There is no stock to carry, no brochures or papers or catalogues to carry. Everything is done online! You do not have to worry about shipping out any orders, collecting payments, or any of the typical "business" hauls! It's as easy as sharing a product you love online or in person and making a profit off of your orders! 

Over time, you'll find that there are people who sign up under you started selling it, all because their friends & family are asking about it and want to get their hands on our amazing products. So simple, right?

When discussing the business opportunity, you do not need to impress, you need to


B E   R E L A T A B L E !

Learn what aspect in their life they would most like to change and relate with them on how this opportunity changed that for you! Sometimes it can take a while for someone to join. It must take perseverance and patience on your end as the recruiter because remember, the seeds you plant today will reap rewards in 90 days!


-Be consistent -Follow up with every customer and give them the "Red Aspen® Choice". -Mention it to customers who have bought more than one lash or shared with you how much they love the lashes or product. -Mention it customers who posts a selfie in your group showing off their new lashes. -Have a sign up sheet at every party and talk about it with the group at the party. -Post about it in your personal groups in a relatable, personal way. -Tell your story, and if you don't have one, use your uplines story. -Don't be afraid to share the opportunity with others. It's not only about building your team to make more money, its about sharing an opportunity that changes lives. -Don't get discouraged if someone turns you down. You will get way more no's than yes's. -Stay positive. Be yourself and share what you love. People will take note and want to join you.

-Check up on customers after they have received product, share the option if you have not already.

-Follow up with those who have not said NO. Just because someone has not gotten back to you does not mean they are not interested.

-Fill out a memory jogger.

-Set a weekly goal to message friends/family/contacts about the opportunity.

-Offer a special for a certain time frame for those who join your team (don't do this often or publicly-reach out 1-on-1).

-Work with your downline to help them.

-Can you think of 6 people who would love this product.

-Share your personal experience. How long you've been doing it, how much money you have made, what is possible.

-Make videos talking about the opportunity and your experience.

-Make a post sharing your downlines success and experience and then share it on your downlines group page.

-Ask your upline to make a post about your leadership skills and how others would be lucky to have you as their sponsor!

-Make a list of your dream team

-Plant seeds and spread the news about the Red Aspen Opportunity to all that show interest

-Be consistent and relatable

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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