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Day 10: Sponsor & Join - Scripts

The idea behind the Red Aspen® Opportunity is that every customer can buy either

A) buy retail from you at full price over and over again


B) join Red Aspen® and start making an extra income will making a difference!

For women who are won over by the product, option B would make so much more financial sense for their lives! Give this choice to every single customer, every single time! If you want to build your team, start this today. You don't have to be pushy or over the top, just casually let them know about the option. Remember: If you don't, someone else will!

Here are just a few tips we have found to be extremely helpful when pursuing potential customers. Don't assume that they are a 100% no if they seem disinterested. The more you pursue in a non invasive way, the more they will think and ponder on just how beneficial option B would be for them.

-Be consistent

-Follow up with every customer and give them the "Red Aspen Opportunity".

-Mention it to customers who have bought more than one lash or shared with you how much they love the lashes or products.

-Mention it to customers who post a selfie in your group showing off their lashes.

-Have a sign up sheet at every party and talk about it with the group at the party.

-Post about it in your personal groups in a relatable, personal way.

Watch this video that talks about - How to Deal with Overcoming Objections (& closing the deal):

That feel, felt, found method is HUGE! Keep it low-key! Stay relatable! Share your excitement and enthusiasm! 

These are JUST a few tips.

Check out some of the amazing Opportunity Scripts our company provides us with as well! Practice the different ways to start a conversation with people! You'll be a sponsoring devotee in no time!

You can also download the Opportunity Scripts here.

For even more tips & tricks on sponsoring, please visit the treehouse tab "sponsor+join".

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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