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Day 8: Social Media Post Ideas

Need help with your next post? You've come to the right place!

Here we give you over 20 amazing ways to utilize your Social Media Platforms! By posting content that attracts, that markets and that intrigues, you are sure to draw ladies in to your fabulous product. It's not hard to make your Lashes look fabulous, right? It does that on it's own! Be sure to take advantage of every one of these ideas, because if we know one thing, it's that customers aren't thinking about buying product from you if you're not putting it in their feeds! The more you post, the more likely you'll grab the attention of your audience and really begin making connections and reaching business goals.

These should be maximum 10-15 second videos. Don't build it up. The first frame needs to be your WOW moment - you have less than 2 seconds to grab their attention before they scroll past - use it wisely!

Ideas for Creative Content

🙀 WOW videos catch everyone's attention!! - batting eyelashes - boomerang blinking your lashes:) - Showing an eye makeup look that your lashes help showcase.

PRODUCT VIDEOS / EDUCATE & ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS! Some of these videos are best to do LIVE


1. Application Video - show how to apply Lashes, include all the tips as though you are showing a customer how to apply for the first time (every time. You never know who’s watching) 2. Product unboxing || New Lashes in stock? share the exciting part of unboxing the order then apply. (LIVE) 3. Apply every Lash Type! || This does not have to be as 'educational' as your application video, focus more on the the lash you’re applying (get to know each lash, the type of eye shape it would look best on, best occasion to use etc). Do one a week, this will make your customers get use to seeing the correct way to apply it without feeling like you are schooling them. 4. New makeup tips || Get creative, find out how to do new techniques and many others on You Tube then make your own video / go LIVE 5. New product Launch || Apply it, describe it - add hype! 6. Remove Lashes || Show how you remove your Lashes at the end of the day 7. Get ready with me || Go LIVE 8. Guess the lash || video or image (gets a prize) 9. Pick my Lash || ask your fans to pick a lash for your look - you apply it

10. The Power of A Lash || apply half a face of make-up, film you applying the other half

11. Shop my Stock || You could do this often (once a week, once a fortnight)! Have a topic each time. Topic examples: Shop the most popular X (silks or faux minks or for Seasonal products or Top Sellers or split it up by eyes or lips or full face). This is where you would go through and explain each lash and tell them why its perfect. Make sure to describe it with excitement!  


TIP: Lighting is everything! Search selfie tip videos available on YouTube for more help and creative suggestions!


🤳 TIP: Lighting is everything! Check out selfie tip videos available on You Tube.

12. Take a selfie in EVERY lash.. and then do it again... and again.. and again!

13. Match a celebrity look  

14. Lash & Beauty facts - Google / Beauty mags - find interesting facts and repost  15. Outfit of the day! With x Lash - Show your style!

16. Post your customer selfies (always ask for permission first)

17. Application step by step in images

18. The power of a lash - post before and after with no lashes, then lashes

19. Create 2 different looks by only changing your lip/makeup || Show day to night look. Miss lash can go from no makeup to done up!

20. FAQ || Post the answers to the most frequently asked questions  

21. The BUNDLE- Explain why newbies need all the components in a Bundle

22. Beauty inspo quotes - incorporate Lashes when you can.  

23. Packaging creative shots - group colors, etc.  

24. Product flat lays  

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