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Day 15: Social Media Planning

Okay, so REALLY. How can social media help me?

Holy cow at all of the amazing opportunities that social media has brought to the table in the business world. With an immediate connection to people around the world, social media is a must now days if you want to truly see exponential growth in your business. For those of you in the more "seasoned" generation, don't let the thought of social media scare you! It's really so simple once you get the hang of it. For a few really incredible tips on how to bomb OR blast off your business through using social media, head HERE!

Engaging versus Sales Posts:

When it comes to social media, you want 80-90% of all of your posts to be engaging, and 10-20% to be "salesy".

So what qualifies as an engaging post? An engaging post would be something that encourages your customers to participate either through likes, comments or posting a picture. To get the most reach, you want to have posts that encourage different responses and answers from each person! Involve your customers in your life and always share the great ways that Red Aspen® is CHANGING your life! Plus, when you get people engaging and sharing their thoughts, you'll start to build a community of customers who interact with each other!

Here are a few engaging post ideas to help get your wheels turning:

This or That

Caption this photo


Fill-in-the Blank


Did you Know?

Find more ideas on other engaging post ideas, head HERE!

Okay, now we've got the idea behind an engaging post down, what qualifies as a sales post?

A sales post is anything that implies they should by this, shop now or get their's today.

How to post while you are gone:

There are a lot of programs out there that allow you to pre-schedule posts. Facebook has one built in for pages and groups that you can easily utilize. However, if you will be doing a lot of Facebook parties, you might look at investing in something like Vizzlie, Hootsuite or CinchShare. These programs allow you to reuse posts into different groups, events, etc. and are super helpful for running multiple parties at one time!

Social Media Etiquette:

There are a lot of supportive distributors who allow other distributors into their personal VIP groups or parties so that you can glean ideas for your own business! Here are a few tips on how to be a supportive Red Aspen Ambassador to those who are opening up their customer groups for you to learn from:

1. Don't participate in contests/ giveaways. If you want to support them and comment/ like the post to help it be more visible to their customers, private message them and let them know that you are not wanting to enter the contest, just looking to help them boost their reach as thank you for allowing you to be in their group.

2. Have questions? Unless it is something that a customer would ask, don't comment your question on a posts... send them a private message! We've seen so many people comment on sale posts asking inappropriate things, and ultimately it can hurt that person's business in the long run.

3. See if they have a support group that you can join instead of their customer group. Sometimes Brand Ambassadors with large followings have a separate group just for distributors that they answer questions and provide great materials for them!

4. All posts or comments should not be offensive or meant to harm someone's reputation and should overall not create a hostile environment.

-Write out a social media plan with ideas for 1-2 weeks worth of posts.

- If possible, pre-schedule those posts so that you can focus on other aspects of your business while still maintaining a consistent posting schedule for your customers

- Determine if you will be hosting a lot of Facebook parties, if you need to invest in Vizzlie or CinchShare or a similar posting program that can post to events & groups

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