• Brittnie Storm

Day 29: Signing Up Downlines

When signing up a new distributor, I send this message!  Feel free to adjust the sponsor # to YOUR sponsor # and website, and work on copy and pasting this to all of your new recruits! ____

Here's how to join - it only takes a couple of minutes! Follow these instructions and make sure to enter in MY number in the "sponsor" area. My name will pop up when you enter my number!


Step 1: Go to my website which is: (your website link here)

Step 2: Click "Join" (then "Join now") Click join to become a brand ambassador!

Step 3: Add your business kit to your cart and then follow through to the next steps which is all just putting in your info!

Step 4: Make sure at the top it should say My name and sponsor ID. If it doesn't please let me know asap.  

*Make sure to pay attention to the Username & Password that you create, you will need this for logging into your hub, tracking orders, team stats, and things of that nature.*  

From there, you just answer the questions as you go and you will get a confirmation email once it’s all done. Let me know once you get it all completed and I’ll get you added to our training groups and team pages!

So excited to have you on board our Hustle & Heart Team!!

-Prepare your personal script that is ready to go when someone is interested in signing up. Have it readily available via email, notes on your phone, etc.

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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