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Day 1: Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts

From posting about our days, to enjoying seeing friends and families pictures posted, to utilizing the world wide web as a means for marketing within our amazing businesses, social media is KEY to staying connected. We know that in your business, you desire to see new connections made as well as see old ones maintained. It's by creating a Facebook group, Facebook page and Instagram account that these connections are maximized. Not only can you use social media to promote your business, but you can keep your customers updated and informed on the latest sales and product inventory.

Through having your own Facebook outlet for your business, your customers will be able to get to know you and see just how much you value THEM!

Maybe you're sitting there completely clueless as how to even begin to navigate through Facebook and creating groups and pages. Maybe you're unsure of the difference between the two. Guess what? That's TOTALLY okay. We have found a resource for you that might help guide you step by step through the process of creating a group and a page for your business as well as a guide to linking the two together.

To check it out, head HERE!

It's important to connect your page and group because this allows you to add to your group as your page name. So for example, if you have someone helping you with posting (say your younger sister is a social media guru and you recruit her help!), it will show up as "Luci's Lovely Lashes" as the one who posted into the group rather than your little sister. A Facebook GROUP is different from a Facebook PAGE. A group allows you to add members who will see all of your posts. A page requires people to like it before they will see any of your posts. It is advised to start with a Facebook GROUP first and then down the road if you'd like, add a page.

"How do I grow my business and really go the extra mile to reach new customers?"

G I R L.

You've GOT to get you a Facebook Group going! This is the most amazing tool for you to connect with women and constantly share products, discounts, exciting news, and encouragement that will really give you a door of opportunity to

First, let's start with this amazing clip from You Tube on where to START with successfully growing your business through Facebook.  Obviously replace "Lipsense/Colors" with "Lashes/products" while watching this video. The truth is, it doesn't matter what company/products you are representing, having a successful Facebook group ALL looks the same as long as you are doing everything listed below and listed in the video!  I promise it is an extremely helpful video!

Now, to go into detail about how to manage your new Facebook group, we have given you a massive list of awesome to do's that is guaranteed to set you up for a fabulous experience in your GROUP!  

To really reach a more broad audience, we recommend that you do not only contribute to your group. We highly recommend using the 9-1-1 rule on your personal profile as well. I recommend having a public profile. This will truly allow you to step outside your immediate circle and meet lots more women that are interested in your product and the community that you are building within your group! 


1. Create and share your Red Aspen social media handles! Decide on a business name and Facebook group name, these are usually the same.

Remember, if you use the term "RED ASPEN", ensure you follow the rules and put a unique phrase before.

Example: "Lashes with Brittnie : Red Aspen" IS acceptable while "Red Aspen : Lashes with Brittnie" IS NOT acceptable. Red Aspen must not be stated in your business name first.  We recommend coming up with a name that describes your likes and personality! If you need help picking a name, comment below or post in the Hustle & Heart Team Page and we would be happy to help you get creative! If you have decided on Lashes with Brittnie as your name, you would want to come up with a similar "handle" for that name for example @lasheswithbrittnie would do! Once you have your social media names and handles picked out, start setting up your group!

2. Create a Facebook PUBLIC or CLOSED GROUP. *Not secret*

3. Add a description to your group and explain what your group is about. I highly recommend adding your website link into this group description so that it is easy to find!

4. Create the following Facebook albums:

  • Selfies of our lashes/products on women. If you do not have any selfies yet, please visit the resource guide down below.

  • Specs & Info 

  • Pricing, Tips, & Tricks or an FAQ

  • Tips, tricks and pricing

5. Pin a post in your group that explains why you joined Red Aspen and what you hope to help other women to achieve or speaking about why you fell in love with these lashes! You can pin a post by right clicking the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post and clicking pin post

6. Your group is like your personal website. Create 4-5 posts to begin and 1-2 videos. Post them in order you want your customers to see first. If you want the video of you explaining what the product is about to be at the top of the group, post that last. Once you add your friends and they "like" and "comment" on the posts, the order will not matter, but set it up so it makes sense for your new group members when they view it for the first time. Ensure that you create posts that will help your group members understand what your group is all about. Be clear about what the product is, how it works, how to apply it, how to view the products, how much it costs and how to order.

7. Create a post explaining how to find the products in the albums so they can view the lashes/products on women just like them!

8. Do not add your friends until your albums, initial posts and group setup is complete.

9. Once you complete your group setup, add ALL of your female FB friends to the group.

10. Create your own application video within a week of starting your group. The sooner the better! Post a video or do a live applying the lashes! Women want to see YOU and know that it really is not THAT hard to apply lashes! We urge you to go live and start to create the environment in your group that you are hoping for!

11. Change your personal Facebook profile employer to Red Aspen.

12. Create a post on your personal Facebook feed announcing/sharing your new Facebook lash group and your new business venture with your friends and family!

And there you have it! The process is really so easy and before you know it, you will be having the time of your life connecting and chatting with all of your new group members! Not only will you be giving them amazing product through this

social media outlet, but you'll be having direct access to encourage and love on them from a distance!

RESOURCE LIBRARY for helping you create your group:

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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