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Day 4: Launch Party Prep

Celebrate the launch of your business!

A launch party is a fun time to show your friends and family products they will fall in love with! Your launch party is where you are going to get your very first customers and hopefully be booking follow up parties and one-on-ones for the future!

We recommend hosting 3 parties to get your businesses started: two "in person" parties (either at your house or a family/friends home) and one "online" party. This allows you to start reaching a multitude of people immediately! You want to plan for your parties to happen as soon as possible after signing up & receiving your first order.

How should I schedule my parties?

Your launch parties should all take place in one week! Your first party should be booked for a Thursday or Friday evening, your second party for a Saturday afternoon, and then your Facebook party for that Sunday evening.

Why this format?

Using this format gives your local people two opportunities to come by and check out your new business! Also, by following up with a Facebook party, you can reach your out of town guests AND have your local customers invite their friends & family to the Facebook event to get you launched!

Who should come?

(taken from an amazing article found HERE! )

Invite everyone you know, using this clever FRANK method:



Associates (co-workers)


Kids' contacts

Mark them as local or not local so you know who to extend the Facebook invitation to if they are out of town.

How do I invite them?

(taken from another amazing article found HERE!)

Try to use a variety of invitation methods. Because of the personal nature of the product, you want to use personal invitations as much as possible.







Try to avoid the "spray and pray" method of invitations, which is the method you may be tempted to use to "spray" it out to everyone, and pray that someone accepts. Because we all receive so many Facebook invitations, most are ignored. Facebook should not be your primary invitation method. After initial invitations go out, follow-up with everyone you invited a week in advance of the party and then the day before the party.

Here's a great example of what you could say:

"Hello! As you may have heard, I have started an exciting new business venture as consultant with...! (Give a quick description of your product line.) The product has touched me, and I wanted to be a part of it. I will be launching my business this weekend [dates], with a party in my home. It's a great way to get hands-on and see what it's all about. Please choose one of the following dates, and let me know if you can stop by!

Date 1:

Date 2:

Facebook Party:

Feel free to also browse the following links, to learn more about my business!

Shop Online: [replicated website/shop]

LIKE my Facebook page: [insert FB link]

FOLLOW me on Pinterest: [insert Pinterest link]

Thank you so much for supporting me and my business. I look forward to seeing you at one of my launch parties! "


-Make your list of people who you would invite to your party

-Determine dates and times for your launch party

-Send out invitations for your launch party

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