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Day 5: Knowing your Products

Find out what an Indie Beauty Company is! We are so excited to be stepping outside of the box! We are a self-funded company and your business can be too!


On the go?

Treehouse >> Products Tab>> Choose the Product you would like to learn about

Activity 2: Check out the Products tab in the treehouse to learn everything you need to know about Red Aspen product. 


Knowing product and using what you know to get other ladies interested isn't as difficult as it may seem! As you learn about the lashes and other products, you can actually draw others in simply by wearing the products! That's right! How you ask? Add a stripe of eyeliner to your hand in a unique design, like an eye or draw out "ASK ME"! Not only that but the more you wear the lashes the more people will notice! As YOU work to memorize product, other ladies won't help but notice the gorgeous lashes on your eyes and other products on your hand and BOOM. Conversation starts right from you learning your product!

Here are a few examples of pitches you could give when that

conversation DOES happen...

OMG! I love your lashes! Are they real?!
Oh these? It's actually a brand new lash company! These are multi-use and high quality! They feel so comfortable on as well! Here take my business card, I'd love to help you pick out a pair to try! 


OMG! I love your lashes! Are those extensions?!
Oh these? No! These are multi-use strips lashes! You apply them with glue and they stay on all day! They are super easy to apply and so comfortable on you forget you're even wearing them! Check it out! Aren't they amazing?
Yeah that's crazy! What are they?
These are Red Aspen lashes and I sell them. Here take my business card, I'd love to bring over samples! We could even have a party with your friends and you could earn them for free!

- Get your business cards ordered

-Get your business kit set up and ready to take with you everywhere you go 

-Practice your quick pitches - allow it to feel natural 

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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