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Day 11: Keep Track of Customers

In order to keep up with product information and all of your amazing customers that you will gain in this business, it's important that you stay organized! There are a ton of ways that we know of to help you meet this goal, so listed below are just a few options for you to consider when you are doing business and keeping track of orders!

1. A detailed planner with room to mark details in individual days

2. An excel spreadsheet where you can easily record all of your prospects/leads/team members and more

3. 4 Journals for keeping track of everyone if you prefer to write things down.

These tips are essential for creating your business and following up! 

 Watch this amazing training on how to stay organized and turn leads into team mates! 

Make yourself an office!

We also highly recommend that you find somewhere in your home, be it a corner of the house, a closet if need be or an area in your kitchen or in your living room where you can designate to your business! This will help keep you organized and motivated to stay business focused when you come to this sweet space you've created! We encourage you - to deck that space out with encouragement, inspirational quotes, cute décor (the dollar section at Target is AMAZING) and anything else you might need for you business. There is nothing like knowing you have your space (even if it is super small) to work and create in that will motivate you like nothing else!

-Decide how you are going to keep up with your customer's orders, sales and product needs and set yourself up either in your planner, your excel spreadsheet, your word document or however else you think you would flourish the most!

-Find your "sweet space" and begin to get creative! Grab some change and head to the dollar store! Throw some pretty flowers on your space or even just print something inspirational off of Pinterest and set yourself up for fun and creative success!

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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