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Day 6: How To Help Customers Choose Lashes

When walking through the process with your client of matching them with the best lash for their look, it's so important to go in with a game plan! Open your eyes to picking up on the little details of their face and complexion that will make the most of the lash you choose. Remember, the lady you're working with is putting her trust in what YOU know, so go into the process with confidence! Gaining the trust of your customers is key to building your clientele! Asking questions is essential in being able to help determine which lash they would need to start with.  

Also please note, that this chart is supposed to help them find their lash BESTIE the lash that will be compliment them. That doesn't mean they can't look good in every lash, they absolutely can and should try everyone! :) 

1. First, you want to take a look at their EYE SHAPE. Do their eyes appear larger than their other facial features or smaller? Follow the chart to help decide on which lash will be their most complimentary lash! Do their eyes look to be more almond shaped or more round. Do they have more emphasis in their eye length or the eye height? Are their eyes closer inset to their nose or further apart? If you are not in person with your customer, ask them to send you a selfie! It's best to have a front on photo to really examine their features. None of these are a negative! It is all just about determining which lash will compliment their features best! 

2. Second, you're going to want to figure out your customer's NEEDS. Is your customer a lash beginner or a lash enthusiast? Ask them what type of look they prefer on a day to day basis. Do they like a more natural everyday look or do they always try to step out and go with a more big, bold and beautiful look? Considering how fast pace life can tend to be ( Out on the town one minute and at home in sweats another), it might not be a bad idea to suggest for your customer to have products that give her both options. Whether a color for on the go or a color for staying at home, a girl likes to have OPTIONS! Ask them what they love about their lashes and what they would add if they could. Silk lashes will compliment their eyes while choosing a faux mink lash will make their eyes appear more bold.

3. Third thing you're going to want your customer to start with the bundle. Why? Because ease of use is everything. The bundle is essential for beginners and even lash enthusiasts. It comes highly recommended! Our glue is latex and formaldehyde free and specially formulated to work with our lashes. The glue definitely allows for all day wear. It's one of the reasons that sets our lashes above the rest! The bundle includes a pair of lashes + our glue (which has a nice application wand for applying-no more sticky mess) + our pink metal applicator. 4. Shipping is $2.99 and every order over $60 ships free!


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