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Day 18: Parties & Hostess Coaching

You're not only going to host an amazing online party, but you're going to grow your business and connect with new ladies in the process! (I have literally built my business on pop ups!)

 This guide will walk you through everything you need to do before, during and after an hour-long online pop up on Facebook. Your goal is to keep the party simple and fun for guests as you make connections and build relationships!

 First of all, why even host a Facebook Pop Up? What is in it for YOU?

Well, girl. We are SO glad you asked. When you host a Facebook party, you are building your network! The possibilities are endless when it comes to how many guests can arrive online to your pop up, how many people you could reach, how many actual parties you could host in one month alone, and so on the list goes! You also reduce the risk of cancellations because having an online party is so extremely easy when it can be done from the comfort of your own couch. 

My goal for every pop up is to at least book another pop up! Not all pop ups will be extremely successful, but by booking another party from that party, you are still building your network and planting seeds! I also always try to make sure that everyone in that party joins my VIP group! I stress this a lot to make sure I am always building connections!

You will need to know the step by step process for starting your party. From the time you announce that you are having one to the time you actually begin your party to all of the time in between and afterwards, hopefully all of this info will help you!


Getting the event group set up for the party is done in a very certain way as well! Here's a timeline/tips on how I set up mine!

  1. Create the group for the party (and add your hostess) but make sure to tell your hostess not to add anyone until you give her the go-ahead

  2. Load selfies into an album - I have created collages to use so it is easier than uploading a ton of photos

  3. Load prices of all products into the selfie album as well as any informational graphics you deem necessary

  4. Update the group cover photo with something eye-catching! (I typically insert the party dates into my cover photos, I will include an example below)

  5. Update the group description - keep it simple - include the link to order

  6. Create an outline post explaining how the party will work - this should be the last thing you do so it is the first post that people see when entering the group

Example cover photo:

Example group description:

Hey ladies! Thanks for joining us! ***This is a temporary group*** You can shop all week but make sure you join in on the party Thursday at 8pm PST!

You can shop using this link: <unique party shopping link>

Make sure to check out the albums!!

Example outline post:

-------------HOW THIS POP UP WILL WORK ---------------


This is NOT your normal shopping experience, ladies! 

This is fast, fun, and it's all done on Facebook, so you get to party in your PJs!! 

______ is our fabulous hostess, and she'll be earning some fun rewards while we party!! Here's what you need to do:  • RSVP "going" in the comments • Grab a drink, put on your PJs, and come back to this event page on <insert event date and time> June 19th at 8:00 PST and we will be here ready to PARTY!!! -- There might even be a giveaway! • Live showcase will be at 8:30 pm CST!! (this would be a good time to go live and apply the lashes) • The ENTIRE party will take about 1 hour. Can't wait!! This is going to be fun!!

Be sure to check out the Albums to see what we offer! <3

YOU CAN FIND ME ON FACEBOOK <link your VIP group here>

Here's a timeline on how I run my events:

  • Make a group (or event I prefer groups) about 4 days before the party begins

  • Have your hostess add people into the event at least 2-3 days before the event

  • Post a few pre-party posts that are engaging and educate everyone on how the party will work and how they can order (etc.)

  • Have the actual 1 hour event from 8-9pm on a weeknight and post every 5-10 minutes go over all F.A.Q.s on the lashes and help people find a product they love!

  • Ordering is open once the one hour event starts and I typically give people 48 hours to get their order in

  • Over the course of the next 2 days, following the party, I will post to remind people to order and thank all individual people that purchase


As we said earlier, hostess coaching is KEY! Here's a video explaining how my parties work! (And I always send this video to anyone who might be interested in hosting but may not understand how they work -or wants to learn more). Feel free to use these videos to help explain pop ups to your hostesses!



I will send this video to anyone who is hosting a party with me! You should come up with a script on what to send your guests on how to prepare and so on. I will post mine below as well.


"Hey ———! This Thursday at 8:00 pm, I’m having a Red Aspen pop up right here on Facebook! The lashes are super gorgeous, high quality, re-useable false lashes and the parties are super fun! There’s usually a few giveaways involved also! Just wondering if you would like an invite?

I’d love if you can make it! If you say yes, just click on this link and we’ll get you added to the event! :)" Of course always remind them that they are more than welcome to change up the words to something that sounds more like themselves!

--> If they say yes, make sure you reply back something about how you will send them an invite to the event in the next couple days and ask them to join us! :D When I give you the go-ahead, you can reply back to them with the group link so they can request to join the party!


Make sure you keep your hostess up to date on what you expect from her every step of the way. Even if you feel "bossy" I promise it will be worth it and your hostesses want a successful party just like you!! Some key points to keep in touch with your hostess on:

  • Let them know when you have the group ready, so they can invite their guests

  • Send them an example post/script of what to say when they post on their timeline (and make sure they include a selfie!)

  • Send them a script on what to say when inviting their guests

  • Make sure they know that you expect them to message 30-50 people to get them to the party!

  • Give them the pop up URL and sign in information on how they can access their party and keep track of how it is going! (This info is automatically generated for them when you create a new pop up link)

  • Make sure they know that the more they interact, tag friends, AND post in the group, the more excited others will get!

  • Make sure they follow up with everyone who hasn't ordered but seemed interested during the course of the party.


FOLLOW UP is KEY! Encourage your hostess to follow up with anyone who showed interest in ordering but didn't! Most of the time they WANT to order, they just forgot! Following up with them will be HUGE and if your hostess does it, it will seem less invasive! And most people will be glad they asked!

For even more information on pop ups, remember to jump back to this resource of understanding pop ups as well. https://www.hustleandheartempire.com/resource-library/understandingpopups


Want to seamlessly work your parties and book your party schedule up?! Learn how to understand Vizzlie! By understanding Vizzlie, we have actually created pop up templates for our team to use! So you can get started on throwing a party this week!!

What is Vizzlie? Vizzlie is an amazing resource that you can use to post your party! This way, instead of posting every post yourself, you can schedule your posts to run at a certain time--making it easy for you to host a party even if you are out and about that night! This will make a world of difference---trust me! Learn how to use Vizzlie! Set up one of the templates that we give you access to on our team page.

Then all you have to do is interact with your party guests and help them find the right lash for them!

-This task is a fun one! Get creative and make a list of fun and catchy Facebook Pop Up ideas! Make details with them such as what you would have your customers share and bring to the online party!

-Spend some time reviewing and learning the helpful Facebook party suggestions given here! These tips are going to fabulous for your next party! -Create a party outline or start understanding how to use vizzlie and set up a practice party!

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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