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Day 25: Earn More Money-Commissions

Watch the Compensation Plan Getting Started Video, which introduces the Red Aspen Compensation Plan!

Download and review the Beginner's Compensation Planwhich outlines the first 5 titles in our Compensation Plan. 

As a direct sales company, Red Aspen® offers you the opportunity to earn money one of two ways. This is why our compensation plan is broken into two parts.  We have the sales track, which everyone starts off on. And we also have the team track, which only comes into play when you start to build a team.

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis. 

Everyone starts of earning on the sales track. You will always earn commission from your personal sales on the sales track. This means even if you don't want to build a team, you will still just earn from your personal sales or what you may decide to purchase that month.  

The sales track is broken down by levels of PV. Depending on how much you are selling (or buying) within the month will depend on what percentage you are making off of that.


If you sell/buy $16 you are making 25%, which means you would make $4.

If you sell/buy $120 you are making 27%, which means you would make $32.40. If you sell/buy $1000 you are making 30% which means you would make $300. If you sell/buy $2000 you are making 33% which means you would make $660. If you sell/buy $4000 you are making 35% which means you would make $1400.

Those numbers above are based off of the sales track.

If you start building a team, you would start to look at the team track at the bottom of the comp plan. When you begin creating a "downline" and adding new distributors underneath you, you are building a team. Based off of your downline distributor's sales, you can earn commission from them! So, the more ladies signed up underneath you? The more money YOU could potentially make!

Take a look at a training I did in our Hustle & Heart Team Page on understanding the comp plan and the ranks.

Yes, you must re-rank every month to be paid as your title. However, once you hit a title you are recognized as that title within the company even if you do not continually get paid as that title. This is pretty standard with any company. If you are staying consistent, you will consistently grow.

Get a look at your past COMMISSIONS REPORT:

To get a better look at your commissions you can get a PDF printout on your Hub by following this path:

Hub> My E-Business> Reports> My reports pull down (where it defaults to 'New Brand Ambassadors')> Commission Summary> Primary bonus> Period 03/2018 > Download PDF

PLEASE NOTE: your commission statement breakdown will not be posted until commissions have been paid out.

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