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Day 9: Collecting Payments

Collecting Payments for In Person Sales & Events

So, here's the big question. If I am conducting business in persons, HOW DO I GET PAID? We see the dollar signs in your eyes and know as much as you love your customers, you love the bucks too! Believe it or not, the process is CRAZY easy.

USING SQUARE (recommended)

Square is a great way to collect payments. It's free and has no monthly charges (HUGE for you!) Square literally deposits your funds directly into your bank account in 1-3 business days. You never even have to handle cash. Square does it all for you. It is quick and easy to use the Square APP to send invoices to customers while you're on the go. Square allows you to send an invoice to your customer through email. They receive an email with a link to pay quickly and easily online using any card they'd like. Some customers may be leary of using something they are unfamiliar with, BUT reassure them that Square is very secure and can be trusted with any card! Square also sends you a card reader to attach to your phone or iPad to easily swipe a customers card if you happen to be making a sale in person. They send this to you for FREE. We just so happen to think that THAT is amazing. Square charges 2.9% + $0.30 per invoice. (Every credit card processing company charges). This is a pretty standard charge and is totally worth it for customers to be able to quickly and easily pay using a card. Email. Swipe. Cha-Ching. Right in ya pocket. To set up square now AND get $1,000 dollars in FREE processing, reach out to your upline for their referral link to get the $1,000 in FREE processing. 


Paypal is another super easy solution to getting paid. Like Square, Paypal can be used through emailing your customers as well as through taking payments in person. The cool thing about it? It's a universal site that millions use on the daily, and so many of your customers may already have a Paypal account of their own. if that's the case, then as they get ready to check out on your page, they will be given all of their payment options, with one being Paypal. Easy stuff. They put in their Paypal info and BOOM. Payment sent straight to your own Paypal account.

Paypal even has a business account that you can personally create to help manage your money as it comes in. It's a pretty sweet setup. They offer live help right when you need it (if you're trying to navigate through something on your account). They currently help and assist over 17 MILLION businesses with payment and credit solutions, so we have no doubt that you will be in good hands if you choose the Paypal route. BUT..don't think you have to pick only one of these two options! Broaden your communication and connection by using BOTH of them if you choose. To set up your business Paypal account or to learn more of what this option offers for you, head to the link HERE!

The best option is to just leave the shipping to Red Aspen and send your customers to your personal website to order directly through there and let Red Aspen ship their order directly to them! Not only does this save you both time and money, it is also a hassle free way of doing things!  Plus Red Aspen has the cutest packaging!  

You also have the option of creating a customer order as yourself through your pop up and drop shipping to your customer. Doing so, you place the order for the customer and Red Aspen ships directly to them! I utilize this option ALL the time! It saves a ton of time AND it's cheaper than having it delivered to me and then shipped to the customer. Shipping from Red Aspen is $2.99 (orders over $60 ship free). While shipping from the post office can range from $3.50-$10.

If you've decided to buy in bulk and carry stock/inventory or just want to do your own shipping, there are a few different routes you can take! You decide what fits your needs best! 

The United State Postal Service is a fairly common way to ship packages to customers because they have low prices if you provide your own bubble mailers. Typically for the weight of a bubble mailer, you can get small items like Lashes or a bundle shipped to anywhere in the US for under $4.

If you prefer to do things at home, you can easily weight and create labels right from your computer. Through VIP Parcel and Ship Station, it walks you step by step through how to weight and measure your package. After paying, you can print out your label and attach it to your package. When you are done, you can drop your packages off at the post office and be on your way!

Additional Supplies you may need (click to see our Amazon picks!):

1. Scale

2. Tape measure/ ruler

3. Printer or Dymo Label printer (with 4x6 labels)


So, you've got ladies lined out the door wanting to buy product from you, but where do you go from there? In this business, you will always need to know your way when dealing with adding in sales tax and when it comes to your shipping options. Don't worry though, sweet lady! We are going to help you every step of the way and share the main details of what you need to know!  

When you signed up to become a brand ambassador, you more than likely registered as an individual using your Social Security number. Or you chose to use your EIN number to register as a business (like a salon). If you signed up as an individual, you will need to always add tax to your in person orders. If your customer shops online, the tax is always included in their order.  If you signed up as a business, you can conduct taxes the same way you do for your business.  So, if you pay sales tax and shipping up front, how do you account for that in your sales?

So simple! Every time you order from Red Aspen®, break down the cost of shipping & the sales tax that you paid per product. When you sell a product, you can add that on as a handling fee (do not say sales tax, techinically that's illegal to do as an individual!) to recoup the costs you paid Red Aspen® up front.

-Set up a Square or PayPal account to collect in person orders with

-Determine what the best method of doing taxes & shipping and handling is for your business.

-Determine what method of shipping works best for you if you plan to ship a lot of packages or just order through Red Aspen and let them do the work for you.

-Determine how you will be charging tax in the case of in person sales or events.

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