• Brittnie Storm

Day 19: No More Cold Calling

We know that sometimes it can seem intimidating to reaching out towards ladies who could eventually be new potential customers. It takes courage, persistence, and a heart that chooses to not give up even in the midst of a few "no's". Because with every few no's, there is always a gorgeous YES tucked in there somewhere. It's just a matter of searching for it! So, here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of your contacting with some warm and cold calls. Check them out below!

Network Contacting - Warm & Cold

-Do you have returning customers? Have you messaged them about the opportunity? Have you messaged them about hosting a party or FB party? Have they said NO, or have they just not said YES?

-Message those who have purchased only once. Follow up with them if they didn't respond. Talk about product, opportunity, thoughts on the product. Initiate and create conversation and opportunity for sharing more products and the opportunity.

-Message those who you have spoke with about the opportunity but were not interested and offer them a referral bonus, cash, product, whatever. Find a reason for them to want to help you find new potential team members or customers.

-Ask friends, family, acquaintances and your group members if they would be willing to let you make a post on their time line sharing the product with those who may not have heard of it to spread the word and help support you and your business.

- Make a list of people (men and women) you "know" that would love the product.

-Make a list of people (men and women) you "know" that would love the opportunity.

-Make a list of people (men and women) you "know" different states and locations who would support you in sharing the product and opportunity with people they know. And hey, to add even MORE people to your running list, have your husband make his own and then combine them!

-Contact friends, family, acquaintances, Facebook group members via messenger, text or email regarding the products, opportunity and or support in helping you find others who would benefit from the opportunity.

-Schedule parties, girls nights, family get togethers, one on one demos, expos, events, fairs and appointments with salon owners, cosmetologists or people in the beauty industry.

-Research local and state events to see availability and determine size and potential success.

-Book events in the future. Nail down the booth. Always use both Red Aspen® for the name on the booking. You don't have to use one or the other so you don't end up in competition with another distributor.

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