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Day 7: FAQS

What is PV?

PV stands for personal volume. It's how Red Aspen® values their products for purchase to determine the commission tiers you get on each order. 1 PV = $1 retail value in most cases. PV excludes tax, shipping, & discounts.

PV accumulates throughout the month and starts back at 0 PV the first of every month. If you accumulate enough PV to hit the next discount tier, you will continue to get that discount for the rest of the month.

Your monthly PV volume will be anything that you are personally purchasing or selling within a month. That means if you have a customer order through your website, you are getting PV points for their order. This also means that if you are purchasing any lashes/products for yourself or to have on hand, then YES you are getting personal volume (PV) for that.

Keep in mind, tax, shipping, and discounts do not apply to your PV. You can track both your PV & your GV by visiting your hub!

What is GV?GV stands for Group Volume. Group volume DOES also include your PV. GV also comes from your level 1, level 2, and level 3. Don't worry the computer will track all of this for you. 🙂 If you are wanting to promote, you will need to be able to keep track of your GV, and remember your personal sales figures into your group volume! This is exciting because it makes promoting a little easier if you are a sales beast!

What does "Sales Active" mean?!Sales active is reaching 120 PV in 1 calendar month. That would mean you are "sales active"!

What does an "AL" or "Active Leg" mean?!Well by having a downline who is sales active (see above), that person is an "active leg" for you. So an active leg is someone on your first line, that is at 120PV in a calendar month.

What is PV? 1 PV point is typically $1 retail. So essentially $120 is 120 PV (not including tax or shipping).

------------ Ok great! But what does this mean for me?! ------------ It should be your personal goal every month to go sales active! Why?! Here are some things you -start- to qualify for as you go active: -2% pay raise -dashing start boxes -business bursts -being able to rank up And not only do YOU qualify for all of this, BUT you are also helping your upline qualify for all of this! Because remember, when you go active, big things happen for you, but big things happen for your upline too! So we all go up together!

:) -------- There is no penalty for not going active! (unless you are not going active within a 6 month period of time)

BUT keep in mind if you are > < this close to going active, you may be holding yourself back from big things as well as your upline back from big things! And if you are having trouble getting over that hump, reach out to your upline! You may be extremely close to ranking up without even realizing it! If you don't know what it takes to "rank up" to your next rank, please ask your upline! We want everyone to be growing and going up up up!! And we would hate to have you miss something by > < <----- that much.

What is the Treehouse?!The treehouse is the holy grail. The bees knees. You should literally know the treehouse like the back of your hand.

The treehouse is a virtual online resource where you can go to find the answer to LITERALLY any question you have. This is our resource guide!

Go check it out! Watch the videos and get accustomed to what is in there! Check out all the tabs! There is soo much valuable info in here!

https://treehouse.redaspenlove.com/ ___________________ The treehouse is also a physical place located in Boise, Idaho which is where our corporate office is. So if you hear us refer to the "treehouse news & updates" that take place every Tuesday night in the "Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors" Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RedAspen/ You will also see our corporate office come to us "LIVE" from the "treehouse" and they will keep us up to date with leaderboards as well as new products, issues, etc.

Number of Wears?This is a question we get asked often so you will want to be well versed in this! I will post the number of wears by lash- graphic in the comments below.

If people ask me how many wears, I send them the below photo and I typically say, "This is the recommended number of wears. However most women typically get double the amount listed by taking good care of them!"

If they ask why they vary I will say, "The silk lashes have a more delicate band, they may not hold up as long because the band is more fragile. However if you take good care of them and don't pick at the glue/band too much and follow our instructions for removal and storage, you will easily get double the amount listed! The faux minks are more expensive and in turn you will be able to get more wears out of these. The bands on these are a little stronger so most women get a longer amount of wears from the faux minks."

Do We Get a Discount?!

So the quick answer is technically No. They wanted to keep a clear line between customer and distributor so no we do not get a discount on our personal orders/lashes.


We DO get paid commission of our own sales/orders, so in my mind I think of this as a discount. Remember, we are still making commission off of our own personal orders. Therefore if you are purchasing a Miss lash for yourself, you are going to get 25% comission (possibly more depending are where you are on the sales track for that month) on this purchase. Miss lash ($16) you get 25%(or more) commission which is $4. So when commissions run you are going to see that reflected.

ALSO remember... You should also have your own personal pop up link running for customers to order from. Then you are not only getting your commission BUT you are also getting hostess credit from orders. That means you are able to order through your personal pop up link for your personal orders and make commission as well as gain hostess credit to be used on future purchases!

How Do I Find My Website?Step 1: Log into your hub by going to www.redaspenlove.com and logging in using the log in information that you created when you were signing up!

Step 2: Look for where it says "my business website"

Step 3: Click on "my business website"

There you will see your website URL that you can share with your customers!

I highly recommend you bookmark your hub log in as well as your website URL.

I Have Someone Interested in Joining What Do I Say?!First, make sure you are not overwhelming them. You need to ask questions about what they are most interested in or wanting to find out info in. Are they wanting to know what comes in their kit if they decide to join? Or are they wanting to know something different? Asking questions will help to get to know them as well as not overwhelm them.


To join it’s a $110 one time fee (no annual renewal!) which includes 4 sets of lashes, adhesive, applicator and some business materials. Whether you keep the lashes/glue/applicator that come with for yourself or choose to sell those, is up to you.

Also included is 3 month’s of your website subscription, but then after that it’s only $8.99 a month (which if you sell 1 bundle you have paid for your website after that 90 days is up). The website fee allows your customers to order directly on the site, items ship directly from the company so no packaging fees for you, you don’t have to carry any stock or catalogs or any of that stuff! And they cover all the credit card fees etc when ordering through the site. There are no monthly minimums for you or your customers.

It’s a tiered comp plan, so the more you buy or sell within a month, the higher your commission 🙂Commission ranges from 25-35%.

IF you have other women interested in joining your team there is a whole extra part of the comp plan specifically for that. And when you get into the team building side you can see your income start to double/triple and there are also cash bonuses when ranking up!

How Do I Sign Up a New Brand Ambassador?


Ya!! I am so pumped you've decided to join us!!! So to join, it's easy


Step 1: Go to my website which is: (your website link here)

Step 2: Click "Join" (then "Join now") Click join to become a brand ambassador!

Step 3: Add your business kit to your cart and then follow through to the next steps which is all just putting in your info!

Step 4: Make sure at the top it should say My name and sponsor ID. If it doesn't please let me know asap.

From there, you just answer the questions as you go and you’ll get a confirmation email once it’s all done. Let me know once you get it all completed and I’ll get you added to our training groups and team pages!

So excited to have you on board our Hustle & Heart Team!!

They are Signed Up? Now What?

Yay!! I'm so excited to have you on our team!!

All of our resources are available in the “treehouse”. You can find the link to that here: https://treehouse.redaspenlove.com/

There are tons of product photos, graphics, videos, pdfs, trainings and more are available in the treehouse! Everything you could need! Our company has thought of everything!  

You should have gotten an email with your link with your website URL for clients to order from.

You can log into your back office or what we call our HUB by going to www.redaspenlove.com and logging in. That is where you will be able to track orders/PV and so on.


((((Make sure you add them to these groups listed below))))

I've added you to these groups: The "CSC" is our big team page. Classy Sassy Cute - Red Aspen Team if our big team page with our corporate sponsor Nichole LoPiccolo Myers The other "Red Aspen Brand Ambassadors" group I added you to is where we hear updates from corporate and such! Hustle & Heart Team Page --- our MAIN team page with your team leader (upline) Brittnie Storm myself.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of that!

To get started, please make sure that you go to the Hustle & Heart Team Page and look for the “Units” tab, within there is a spot called New Team Members! You’ll want to start there as well as complete the onboarding task in the Treehouse!

Do all this at your own pace, no rush. Also please reach out with any questions and let me know when you’ve completed all of that!

(optional) If you’ve never been part of a social selling company it may take some getting used to some of the terms, just don't get overwhelmed! And ask questions as needed! Our team pages are packed with info as well as the treehouse that I sent you the link to.

What Apps Do You Use?

Business tools are KEY in a social selling business. So here are some of our favorite apps. (Based off iPhones, sorry android ladies!)

1. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos by Over, Inc.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/over-edit-add-text-to-photos/id535811906?mt=8 👉🏻 Use this for ALL my personal graphics that are more than just text. So if I want to post something eye catching with a cute pair of lashes, then I use this. It is full of graphics and images you can use! It is not free, there is a monthly and annual option-but there is a free trial so see if it’s right for you.

2. Word Swag - Cool Fonts by Oringe Inc.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-swag-cool-fonts/id645746786?mt=8 👉🏻 Use this for text images (like the one attached to this post). It is just a one time purchase of like $5.

3. Layout from Instagram by Instagram, Inc.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/layout-from-instagram/id967351793?mt=8 👉🏻 We use this for collages. Simple! It’s free, too.


4. Boomerang from Instagram by Instagram, Inc.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boomerang-from-instagram/id1041596399?mt=8 👉🏻 I use this for cute eye catching little videos. A close up eyelash flutter that will speak to the masses!

5. Photofy Content Creation by Photofy, Inc.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photofy-content-creation/id674208785?mt=8 👉🏻 Basically the same as Over, use it to make graphics including images and text. Not free, I don’t remember the cost.

6. Adobe Photoshop Fix by Adobehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adobe-photoshop-fix/id1033713849?mt=8 👉🏻 Use this for fine-tuning photos

7. Adobe Lightroom CC by Adobehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adobe-lightroom-cc/id878783582?mt=8 👉🏻 Use this for editing photos, non-filtered and just color correcting the image. (My main goal as a photographer is to make the colors as true to natural as possible. Meaning, I try to tweak photos to make the whites white and the black black and the other colors in my images to reflect how they appear in real life.

8. Facetune 2 by Lightricks Ltd.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facetune-2/id1149994032?mt=8 👉🏻 This is a selfie editing app. PLEASE DO NOT OVER FILTER YOUR SELFIES. Seriously, the whole world sees through it and you gain nothing from it.

1. Talk to your upline about what are their most popular sellers and what you should order for your launch party2. Place items in your basket (include some glossy gloss samples if you're having a launch party)3. Triple check that your PV hits the discount tier that you want4. Order amazing products!

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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