WONDERLUSH | #NICEgal  Preset  $15.00


The WONDERLUSH | #NICEgal Preset is a special collaboration with #NICEgal founder Kat Aragon! 

This preset gives you a warm matte finish but it stands for so much more in your images! 


* 1 Lightroom Mobile Preset (DNG file format)

* Installation Instructions

WONDERLUSH Presets are designed for use with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App CC. No additional APP purchase necessary. Information regarding the Lightroom APP are included in the installation instructions you will receive via email immediately after purchase.

All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital products, exchanges and refunds are not provided.

#NICEgal stands for: Networkers Inspiring Change Everywhere
Network marketing provides a platform to turn dreams into reality through retailing visionary products. It also offers everyone the opportunity to progress as leaders, game changers, and discover relationships that reach far beyond the borders of a company. In the climb to the top, one faces multiple decisions to do the right thing or to take the shortcut to get ahead faster. Having a scarcity mindset can breed a culture of negativity and competition, thus creating an unfair stigma around a wonderful industry.

It’s time to create a new reality in network marketing, and we are asking for your help to flip the stigma on its head! If there’s one thing the 21st century has taught us, it’s that women have the power to create change. We have a massive vision, but we know we can’t do it alone.

#NICEgal exists to bring integrity, professionalism, and collaboration to the forefront of the network marketing industry. We aspire to become the best version of ourselves, and in turn, inspire other communities to follow our example. We should never feel we have to risk integrity and reputation to make our dreams come true.

Whether you’re a network marketing professional, or simply a supporter of women business owners, we invite you to stand with us to create a better future for entrepreneurs everywhere. We invite you to be a #NICEgal.

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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