What are Wonderlush Presets?

Let us tell you about our magic sauce, Wonderlush | Mobile PRESETS!

Basically we use a bunch of fancy schmancy software to create a gorgeous and easy to use Lightroom Mobile Preset.  Take your original mobile camera photos and turn them into harmonized photos full of life.   


What are Lightroom Presets?

So what in the heck is a preset? - presets are often referred to as a photo “filter” that adjusts the brightness, contrast, color, etc. of your photos.


Lightroom Presets are like using filters, only more customizable! With Lightroom presets, you can edit stunning quality photos with little to no time at all! Do all of this with just one click! Customize your preset at your desire or leave it as is! Are you ready to have gorgeous and cohesive social media pages?! Try out our different presets/styles here.



What software do I need to use Wonderlush Presets?

WONDERLUSH Presets are designed for smartphones using the FREE “Lightroom Mobile CC” App . No additional purchase necessary. Information regarding the Lightroom APP is included in the installation instructions you will receive via email.

You can also download the free Lightroom APP using the links below.


Lightroom for APPLE:


Lightroom for ANDROID:



Can I share my presets with someone else and/or business partners?

No, our presets are a single purchaser license only. Distribution or reselling of our product as is or modified is prohibited and will be met with legal action. Wonderlush Presets are copyrighted.

What is your refund policy? 
All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital products, exchanges and refunds are not provided. Making additional adjustments is expected based on the individual photo’s unique lighting and color profile. Please keep in mind that the presets look different on every photo (depending on the light or the colors in the picture or the specific camera used). 

I’ve never used presets before, will I be capable of using them?

Our presets are for EVERYONE! You will be surprised at what an impact our presets make!!! Wonderlush presets are designed for the everyday person! Whether new to presets or a preset pro, Wonderlush Presets are color adjusted for you to be able to easily edit your photos with just one click! You may decide to do some additional adjustments after the preset is applied, but any additional editing is solely based on personal preference.


WONDERLUSH mobile presets are specially curated to be used with mobile phone photos and have been carefully adjusted to work with an abundance of skin tones. Presets allow you to harmonize the feel of your images/social feeds. 


No professional camera? -No problem! Live, photograph, and post with ease using your mobile phone images paired with WONDERLUSH Presets.


Whether you're a professional blogger, or an amateur on social media, our presets work for everyone! After your purchase, you will receive an instant download via email.


Are these presets compatible with my smartphone?

Yes! All Wonderlush presets are designed for the smartphone app. You will receive DNG Preset Files that are compatible with Lightroom CC Mobile. You will also receive a PDF with installation instructions with your download!

The Lightroom app for smartphones is completely FREE!


Will these presets work on every photo in every situation?

The individual presets apply the same preset to each photo. The final result of the preset on the image is dependent on the original image that you (the customer) took. Variations in sunlight, surroundings, time of day, etc can all have an impact on the final result. We suggest -and most of our photos are taken- using natural light. 

Maleri Jo & Brittnie Jo



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